The Dreamer
Memories don’t change but eventually they’ll fade, but not one thing. - Heart


At dahil diyan.. Eto na naman tong picture natin na to. Haha. Wala akong makitang iba eh.

'After all that we've been through I know we're cool.' -Favorite mo yan Bi eh. Hahahehehihihohohuhu. Happy Birthday Bi. ILOVEYOU! :) <3 Ang tanda na natin, at dahil diyan umuwi ka na! Haha. Bumisita ka naman dito, masyado mo ng minahal ang Dubai. Ingat palagi Bi. :)))))

Winter, spring, summer & fall.. Yie.

Truth is I didn’t expect to get this attached to you.


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”free wifi”


”please ask a member of staff for details”



… whatever you do, do all to the glory of God —1 Corinthians 10:31 

Are you walking by faith or sight today? In other words, are you choosing to believe God no matter what your circumstances look like, or are you making decisions and focusing your mind on what you can see. As believers, we have to remember that we aren’t just subject to this natural realm–what we can see, hear, touch, and smell. No, we have access to the unseen, supernatural realm where all the promises and blessings of God are stored. When you choose to walk by faith, you are opening a door from the natural realm to the supernatural realm and drawing the blessings of God into your life.

Remember: with God seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing! Throughout the day, begin to declare, “Father, I want to thank You that my payday is coming. You said no good thing will You withhold because I walk uprightly. I believe even right now You’re arranging things in my favor.” As you walk and live by faith, you will live a life pleasing to God. You’ll see His blessing and favor in abundance, and you’ll fulfill the destiny He has in store for you!

The people God put in your life are not there by accident. God put you with them on purpose. Don’t take them for granted.